Become a Trustee of Touchstone

Everyone’s view is important – especially yours.

Touchstone is currently looking for new Trustees to join the board, to oversee Touchstone’s operations and to take part in making important decisions about our future.

The board meets 6 times a year in the early evenings.

We particularly welcome applications from current and former users of Touchstone’s services.

Being a trustee can help you:

  • helps to get a job
  • take on responsibility
  • share ideas that will benefit Touchstone
  • learn about talking in a group
  • tell people about your own experience
  • travel expensesΒ reimbursed
  • helps yourΒ journey through Touchstone
  • increase your CONFIDENCE
  • raise your self esteem
  • interesting
  • every service user is welcome

For more information, contact Alison Lowe (Chief Executive) at Touchstone House.

Download a poster about becoming a Touchstone Trustee

Find out how to apply

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