Annual Information Report: Who did Touchstone support in 2016/17?

  • On 31 March 2017 there were over 1500 active service users accessing Touchstone services. This suggests that on any given day we have around 1500 live service users across Touchstone.
  • Half of Touchstone’s live service users come from BME backgrounds. All Touchstone services have a BME service user profile above the 2011 Census baseline.
  • The percentage of active service users defining themselves as bisexual, gay or lesbian is about 5% (compared to 3% last year) This is a two thirds increase in service users who define themselves as bisexual, gay or lesbian.
  • Compared to 2015/6 significantly more service users are accessing Touchstone services with a 62% increase in those being referred.
  • ‘Outcome Star’ evidence suggests that we have succeeded in helping service users to improve their lives and health.
  • The overwhelming majority of service users (82%) successfully completed their programme of support.
  • Two thirds of directly referred service users to Touchstone’s IAPT are from BME backgrounds.
  • 16,000 appointments were offered to service users last year by the IAPT service.
  • Service outcomes for our service users is generally equitable across demographic groups.
    • 88% of people from both BME and White British communities had planned endings to their support.
    • 89% of women and 87% of men had planned endings to their support.
    • 91% of people identifying as LGB and 88% of people identifying as heterosexual had planned endings to their support.

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