“Always made my day” – the Best Start Peer Support Project

We asked participants in the Best Start peer support programme how they felt on the final day of the course. Here is what they said.

  • “I’m gutted, I wish it went on for longer, everyone has been really friendly, I will miss everyone”
  • “I wish it went on for longer, I’ve really enjoyed it and learnt so much about myself, I feel sad to say goodbye”
  • “I’ve learned a lot of things, and the people have been amazing, coming has always made my day. Thank you very much to everyone”
  • “I’ve really enjoyed it too, I was a bit reluctant at first, worried it might be a waste of my time, but I have learnt so much, techniques that have helped. I wish it was longer! It really helps me feel better to hear what other people say about the same things”
  • “It was the first group I’ve ever stuck at, I’ve been telling everyone about it, I always feel better when I’ve been”
  • “Learned a lot of hints and tips! I’d like it to be longer too and have been telling everyone in the other groups I go to, if you hear about this course, you have to go!
  • “I’ve enjoyed the openness of everyone, you can just talk and listen”

Participants have an opportunity to stay involved, through online discussion, occasional meetings or training to be a Peer Supporter.

Find out more about the Best Start project.

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