Pink Pals

Pink Pals is Touchstone’s staff LGBT allies programme.

“For those who have been stigmatised, discriminated against and silenced because of fear or shame, we offer to be your voice, to hold your hands, to stand by your side, and we promise to fight for an end to your mistreatment and suffering. We are your Allies. We will: Come out, Speak Out, Join In.”

Pink Pals Contacts

Alison Lowe Chief Executive

MA, BA (Hons)

Alison has been Touchstone’s Chief Executive since 2004. She is responsible for all strategy, policy development and organisational growth.  Alison reports to the Board of Trustees.  Alison has also previously worked for Foundation as a Service Director where she managed the Probation contract and was responsible for housing 1000 ex-offenders across West Yorkshire. Alison is also Touchstone’s LGBT Champion.

Georgia Hornby Senior Housing Support Worker

0113 271 8277

Sanjeev Dayal PD Support Worker

0113 271 8277

Vanysha Sahota Community Development Worker

Sonia Senior CST Support Worker

Joe Shortland CST Support Worker

Naseem Tariq Volunteer Development Worker

Nelson Wande Mental Health Advocate

01924 460211