Malala Day

Malala Yousafzai as a young girl in Pakistan was a promoter of  women’s education in Pakistan.   In October 2012, aged 15, she was shot in the head and left in a critical condition by the Taliban after they had issued a death threat on her. She was sent for treatment to a UK hospital, where she recovered and after her recovery bravely continued to advocate women’s education.   On

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The Well-Bean Crisis Cafe – Hope in a crisis blog: July 2019. The Well-Bean Cafe is now to open 7 days a week across Leeds.

(Written by Matthew Hall – Crisis Support Worker at WBC) The Well-Bean Café (WBC) will soon be open across Leeds 7 days a week, providing support to those in mental health crisis. Currently we are open 5 nights a week across sites in Lincoln Green and Beeston, and will soon be opening in West Leeds in the Armley area on Thursday and Friday. As the service has expanded from being

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I-ART Exhibition 'Good Enough' by Kat Archibald

Leeds Artist, Kat Archibald, brings selected highlight from her exhibition ‘Good Enough’ to the Touchstone IAPT therapy service. Just in time for the Women’s World Cup she is showcasing portraits of inspiring women from Leeds and beyond. Kat Archibald studied graphic design and illustration at Leeds Metropolitan University and now works as a freelance illustrator. She has a versatile approach, using pencil, inks, collage and digital imaging to create artwork

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World Blood Donor Day 2019 by Lauren Smith

When I think about giving blood I always think about that voiceover from the TV advert saying “Do something amazing – give blood”. I always thought people like my Dad who gave blood were heroes! But now I donate, I don’t feel like a hero. Every time I attend I get a thank you from the nurses and a smile of recognition from my fellow donors as I nibble my

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Have you ever been told that you eat too loud, or chew with your mouth open, or breath too loud? If you haven`t then I tell you that it is quite uncomfortable, especially if you like eating nuts like I do. After being told off for being a noisy eater by my wife I started to realise that her irritation is caused by something more than just stress. This led

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National Biscuits Day!

It seems every day is National Something-or-other Day... but when I saw this day was coming up (just weeks after National Tea Day) I knew I wanted to write about it. One of the things people often say when they start working at Touchstone is that their clothes seem to be fitting quite snugly with the curries and refreshments from training and other get togethers. The IAPT team is no

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More than a badge by Arfan Hanif

Colleagues may have noticed in our offices signage stating ‘Working to become Dementia Friendly’. Something seen across a number of organisations and businesses including on emergency service vehicles.  So what does it mean? Does it mean that staff in all organisations/employers who say they are ‘Working to become Dementia Friendly’ are competent to sensitively deal with service users with Dementia or their Carers or family members?  If it’s a NO

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My real life insight into dementia (part 2) by Abigail Henry

Hi. I’m back with (I’m sure) the highly anticipated part B of my musings about dementia. As promised below is a transcript of my interview with a person living with a parent with dementia. I hope you enjoy the read and even better if it changes the way you might view those with and those dealing with dementia, as it has done for me….oh and we also get to find

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Foster Care Fortnight 2019 by Leota Benjamin

My name is Leota Benjamin and I have worked for Touchstone for several years. My current role is a Mental Health Outreach Worker with The Community Support Team. In addition, I work as an approved Foster Carer, employed by Leeds City Council Children Services for more than 10 years. Being a Foster Carer is a highly skilled and specialist role, which requires energy, compassion and understanding. My main role amongst

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My real life insight into dementia (part 1) by Abigail Henry

I’m a cognitive behavioural therapist who joined the IAPT team at Touchstone this month and this is my first ever blog. I’ve chosen dementia as my first topic, quite simply because I was asked! :) Dementia is a term I understand but is not something which I’ve ever fully considered. I guess the way life is set-up means if we’re not dealing with things of immediate concern then there seems

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