BME Diabetes Programme Leeds

Who is this for?

• People from BME communities with with Type 2 Diabetes

What does it do?

• Improves levels of understanding of self management of diabetes
• Improves confidence around self management
• Increases knowledge of diabetes and healthy eating
• Improves understanding of health and well being

How does it do this?

• 8 week structured course
Week 1: Diabetes knowledge, theory on diabetes and effects on the body
Week 2: Healthy eating, eatwell plate, portion sizes
Week 3: Diabetic nurse led session
Week 4: Fat and sugar and effects on the body
Wees 5-8: Cook and eat sessions (Meal and recipe adaptation for the South Asian diet)

What people say about the course

  • “It is good to get something in our language. The information is easy to understand and I feel confident I can make these changes to improve my health.”
  • “We share recipes with each other. Being with our people, it’s much easier to understand and feel comfortable.”
  • “The session with the nurse was very good. Everybody asking a lot of questions we learn from each other.”
  • “I have reduced the number of sweet things I eat in a day. Before I would have four biscuits with my tea, very sweet ones. I’ve changed the type of biscuit to a less sugary one and I only have two.”
  • “I have very bad sugar cravings. I want to learn more about how to control them.”

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