Outcomes for Peer-Led Brokerage Service

1) People will have control over their support and direct what their support looks like, where, when and how it is provided.

  • People will have greater levels of choice, including co-designed choices that aren’t currently available.
  • People will have more freedom to manage risk, and will feel safe and secure in the service.
  • More people will manage their own budget/money
  • Dignity will be respected
  • The quality of life of carers will improve as they will be equal partners

2) People will have better access to clearer information about the choices available to them, including new information/ services/ suppliers.

  • Information will be available when needed, and people will know the breadth of choices available. This in turn should lead to increased investment in community, voluntary sectors including User Led Organisations.

3) The confidence of people with indicative budgets and peers will increase.

  • People with direct experience of mental health problems will be better able to support each other and express their strengths and aspirations, and self -advocate. They will more readily give feedback on the services they receive.

4) The independence of people with indicative budgets and peers will increase.

  • There will be greater links to wider community and voluntary activities to supplement support provided through indicative budgets; people will do more for themselves and their family and social lives will be maintained.

5) People with indicative budgets, their peers and carers will be more economically active.

  • This will lead to a shift in public perception: people with personal budgets will be increasingly seen as economic drivers and employers, not burdens on society in need of help.

6) There will be more awareness of Self Directed Support among providers across Kirklees, leading to increased choice and more innovative services/ solutions being offered by traditional support providers across all sectors.

  • For example, a greater awareness of services of person centred principles should lead to a greater proportion of BME service users accessing SDS and an increase in levels of culturally appropriate services.

7) People with mental health problems will be more satisfied with the support they receive than they were before this project existed.

  • This means greater satisfaction with mental health support as a whole, as well as satisfaction with the brokerage service itself.