Mentally Healthy Leeds

Mentally Healthy Leeds is a public mental health service which is all about good mental health for everyone. Its main aim is to reduce health inequalities and improve health and wellbeing in the communities most at risk of poor mental health.

What does it do

We will work with communities in the 10% most deprived parts of Leeds to identify, understand and build on the protective factors that help keep people mentally and emotionally well. The aim is to equip people with an understanding and experience they can use to prevent problems developing or becoming worse.

We will mainly do this by working to reduce stigma and discrimination, reduce social isolation and increase resilience (the ability to cope when things get tough and to ‘bounce back’ from difficulties).

There will be a particular focus on communities most at risk of poor mental health, including those in the most deprived areas of Leeds, young women, men aged 30-60, people who are LGBTQ, refugees and asylum seekers.

How is this acheived?

We will engage with services, communities, groups and individuals to identify the needs and respond in effective ways. We will use a variety of community development approaches including peer support, volunteering, groups and activities as well as awareness-raising activity. We will also offer training to communities and employers.

Mentally Healthy Leeds is funded by Leeds City Council Public Health. It is led by Touchstone and delivered in partnership with Community Links, TCV and Oblong.