Social Prescribing

sp collageWhat does it do?

  • Links patients referred by their GP to voluntary and community sector support, to supplement their NHS care.
  • reduces social isolation by connecting people to activities and groups which are relevant to them
  • improves mental and physical health and wellbeing
  • reduces the demand on core NHS services

How does it do this?

  • A Coordinator assesses patients’ wider needs, and gives information and support to enable them to access other services
  • We help patients find community groups and activities, for example linking:
    • people at risk of obesity sign up to local exercise activities
    • elderly people who are lonely to local social activities and clubs
    • people with mental health difficulties to therapies, creative or gardening groups
    • people with long term conditions to peers and groups which aid self management


Touchstone is a partner in two Social Prescribing programmes in West Yorkshire:

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