Well-bean Cafe – hope in a crisis






The Well-Bean Café – Hope in a Crisis supports anyone in a crisis – it provides a safe place for people in crisis to go and to prevent avoidable attendances at A&E.

The Leeds Hope and Wellbeing Café is a partnership between Leeds Survivor Led Crisis Service and Touchstone (who will be leading the project), the café is funded as a 20 month pilot (beginning November 2016) and will run on Saturday, Sunday and Monday nights, 6pm-midnight.

The café is located near St James’s Hospital in Lincoln Green, with the aim of diverting people from avoidable visits to A&E. The project will also work closely with A&E staff, including the crisis team, to take direct referrals of people who have turned up at A&E but don’t require medical intervention.

What we offer:

We offer a non clinical alternative to A & E, to reduce distress and work with people to resolve or better manage crisis.

We offer one-to-one support and also a social space, where refreshments and hot food will be available.

Professional Referral Contact: 07760 173 505

Self Referral Contact: 07760 173 476

Exclusions to access include:

  • Acute intoxication
  • Acute psychosis (only where this poses a risk to others)
  • Alcohol withdrawal
  • Injury which requires treatment
  • Overdose/treatment or observations required
  • Personal care